Support Co-ordination

The goal of support co-ordination is to allow people with disability and their support workers to work together to formulate a suitable NDIS plan.
Support co-ordination empowers people living with disability to:

  1. Locate the right disability service providers based on your needs
  2. Co-ordinate home support, ad hoc support, funded support and community activities.
  3. Understand what funding is available to you and how to access it
  4. Prepare and analyse your NDIS plan
  5. Provide information about what support services you qualify for
  6. Helping you select community activities you are interested in such as dancing, movies, sports

Give a Care aims to work with their clients and their support network to develop resilience, vouch for themselves in life, listen to their needs and resolve any issues that may arise regarding their care.
Our support coordinators are regularly in contact with our clients to ensure the highest level of quality control, and also to ensure that our clients have a voice that is being heard aside from contact through their support worker.
At Give a Care we believe its your life and your choice.
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Service Handbook 2018/19

The Give a Care Service Handbook provides an overview of the programs we provide and our service fees. It's a great resource opportunity for clients and their families to gain a better understanding of what we do, and how we can assist you to meet your goals.

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