Meet Recovery Coach Jing

Published by GACF Marketing | November 6, 2020

Hi, I am Jing. I am a Recovery Coach at Give a Care.

I am originally from the Philippines. I worked there as a trained psychologist servicing clients with a variety of ages and challenges including: AOD, family violence, and adult/ child homelessness. I also spent time working in psychiatric wards, and am trained in conducting several psychometric assessments.
I am currently working towards a degree in psychological sciences here in Australia.

My previous experience exposed me to complex mental health issues, and I have developed a keen understanding of the challenges involved.

I have a true passion for helping people, and in my new role, I hope to apply the skills and knowledge I have gained to best assist my clients.

To work with a Recovery Coach like Jing, contact us today on 1800 945 321 or 

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