Meet Disability Support Worker Paige

Published by GACF Marketing | October 26, 2020

Paige Richardson has been a Give a Care Disability Support Worker for two years. Paige wasn’t always a support worker. She started her career as a primary school teacher, before her growing interest in support work led her to first volunteer in the role, before switching fields completely.

Paige lives with autism spectrum disorder and didn’t feel she received the support she needed as a teenager. She now seeks to provide the guidance to others that she herself lacked. Paige describes her work as coming full circle.

Paige truly enjoys what she does. She loves watching the progress of her clients, as she helps them grow into the best versions of themselves.
No two days are the same, some days are smooth and relaxed, and others can be challenging. One day, Paige may assist a client with cooking dinner, on another she might find herself helping a client get ready for a new job.

Paige works hard to empower her clients to make their own choices. She begins each shift by asking her client what they wish to do that day. Sometimes she just provides a listening ear as they navigate through friendship or relationship struggles.

Paige doesn’t view her clients as having a disability, but rather someone who has a different way of doing things. She stresses that it is important to never discount anyone, because every person has something to offer and something to give.

If you’d like to connect with a Give a Care support worker like Paige, contact us today on 1800 945 321 or email info@localhost

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