Meet Disability Support Worker Jonathon

Published by GACF Marketing | September 23, 2020

Fun! The expression Jonathon uses to describe support work. In his words, he is simply hanging out with his clients.

Jonathon has travelled an unusual journey to becoming a Disability Support Worker. He began his vocational life as a financial planner, running his own business for 15 years. When his young son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Jonathon turned his attention to learning everything he could about the world of disability services. After completing a Diploma in Public Health, he knew he had discovered his second calling, support work.

Jonathon now splits his time between financial planning and caring for people living with disability. He remarks that funnily enough there are many similarities between his two jobs, they are both centred around empowering people to work towards goals that will enrich their lives.

Jonathon views support workers as playing a critical role in the community, advocating for people with disability to ensure they are constantly progressing towards a brighter future. In his mind, support workers are one of the key elements of the solution for clients living a meaningful life.

An interesting observation Jonathon has had since COVID-19, is the positive repercussions of the lockdowns for people living with disability. He has seen many people who were previously isolated and unable to access social groups, events and communities, now finding their voice over Zoom and social media. Jonathon is hopeful that this new accessibility for people with disabilities will carry into the future beyond COVID.

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