Heidi’s Story

Published by GACF Marketing | November 26, 2020

From Darkness to Light

By: Anjanete Green

When I first met Heidi, I was greeted by a withdrawn and sad woman, who had lost all hope of ever leading a joyful life. She was tormented by her past and the mental health challenges she faced. She described feeling like a burden on her family and partner, the pressure suffocating her.

Soon after I met her, Heidi’s relationship ended, and she was left living in a caravan in her mother’s driveway.
I have now been working with Heidi for four weeks, and the transformation I have observed is nothing short of astounding. She is no longer living in a caravan but has moved back in with her past partner in a best friend’s capacity and has her own room to manage.

I meet Heidi for a chat today in a busy coffee shop, which she recommends. A month ago, she couldn’t even walk past her front yard. Heidi has positive updates for me. She has returned from a weekend away with her family, which went great. She is excited about enrolling to study a Cert V in Mental Health and is busy setting up an art studio where she hopes to complete art therapy. Heidi displays optimism and hope for the future. She is attending therapy sessions that are helping her learn strategies to manage her anxiety and deal with past trauma.

Possibly the greatest transformation of all appears in Heidi’s artwork. Where several weeks ago, her art was dark and lonely, it is now colourful and expectant.

Heidi’s progress is the best example of how Recovery Coaching can truly help people retain control and choice over their lives and build the tools to live their best life.

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