'Because we Care' – working together to assist people with disabilities through COVID-19

Published by admin | March 24, 2020

Cristina Karvonidis has been working with Give a Care Founder and CEO, Jeff Shaw, for 4 years.
Cristina shares Jeff’s vision that all people with a disability deserve to be respected and be part of the world around them.
With COVID-19 affecting every person around the Globe, the Give a Care team is doing what they can to address the immediate need of the people they support.
Today, Jeff and Cristina are proud to launch the ‘Because we Care’ campaign. The Campaign will bring together business and community to help people with disabilities access essential fresh food, pantry, personal and household cleaning items. We do it, ‘BECAUSE WE CARE’
Find out more about the Campaign HERE
Donate to the Campaign HERE
Volunteer HERE


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