3 tips for surviving the school holidays

Published by admin | January 5, 2021


For some parents, school holidays mean a break from the morning rush, homework sessions, washing uniforms and preparing lunches.

For other, the mere thought of 6 weeks without school sends them spiralling into a panic.

Here are 3 tips for surviving the school holidays and making it as enjoyable as possible for the whole family.


Create a holiday routine

Routines are beneficial for a child’s emotional and physical wellbeing, eliminating feelings of anxiety or irritability that may arise from the uncertainty of endless days devoid of any clear aim. A daily routine will also help keep parents calm and in control, reducing overall tension in the household.

Wherever possible implement a flexible holiday routine, one that provides a structure to the day but is relaxed and open to spontaneity. Ask your children for suggestions of what activities they’d like to include and ensure there is still plenty of free playtime for each child to engage in their preferred games and interests.

Discussing each day’s plan in advance can also assist in alleviating unwanted distress brought on by ambiguity.


Focus on creating long-lasting memories

Remember that spending the holidays with your children, although at times stressful, it also an excellent opportunity to create special and everlasting memories for the whole family. You might want to create a memory box filled with meaningful items contributed by each family member, or you can simply take lots of pictures and create a family collage. Encouraging your children to pinpoint a high of every day is another great strategy for helping everyone concentrate on the positive.


Prioritise self-care

It is difficult to take care of your kids if you aren’t taking care of yourself first. You don’t need grand activities like spending an entire day alone at the spa, self-care can be finding 10 minutes of calm to do some deep breathing, phone a friend, or read a few pages of your novel.


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